Have you ever met a dragon? Anyone could be a dragon. You could be a dragon. I could be a dragon. Dragons can look just like you or me, should they choose. And, sometimes, you might catch the few signs that your friend is truly a dragon. Their scales do not disappear entirely, as they take on our form, oh no. Instead, their arms, legs, and the sides of their chest retain the color and feeling of their natural hide. Many dragons, therefore, wear long sleeves or gloves, even when the weather is warm. More recently, dragons have used heavy makeup on their arms, similar to that used to cover tattoos. A simple test can confirm your suspicions – do they ever swim? Have you ever seen them in short sleeves? Without a jacket or sweater? No?

Dragons have lived among us for centuries, millennia, and possibly farther back. Yet, their numbers have significantly decreased in the past 500 years – due to human interference. Remaining dragons have gone into hiding, only walking among us for brief visits or to check in on human progress. Those people who bought the house down the street but didn’t really move in or stay very long? Dragons. That person who seemed somewhat lost when you were out with friends? Dragon. In fact, it’s possible one of your substitute teachers was a dragon, and that new kid who didn’t stay more than a year definitely was.

You may wonder why you haven’t noticed such people before, or why they don’t simply fly around – which must be a more efficient way to travel. If you will allow me to answer your question with a question: were you really looking?

As to your second question, dear reader, dragons have long thought it best to remain secret from human thought. Considering how well differences in the human race have been handled, dragons haven’t had much confidence in humanity’s ability to accept another intelligent species. In all honesty, the mermaids and unicorns were the first to come to this decision, which is why all of these beings are now considered mythological, but more on that later.

Other than the casually visiting dragons, most dragons can be found far, far north. Their community is well-hidden but the council has decided it is high time their story is told. This decision does not come from faith in the human race, or misguided optimism; dragons have been discovered by a human and, rather than place their faith in his secrecy, the council prefers to put out their own version of dragonian history.


Thank you for reading!