What are Daily Writing Blurbs? Can anyone use them?

The DWBs are daily prompts, usually including an image and a written prompt, that anyone and everyone can use. Each prompt is here to inspire. The DWBs’ written blurbs are also free for reuse, and can be used in any writing or educational project.
However, each image used with DWBs is not owned by My Storytelling Mind (unless otherwise indicated); each image is credited in post (when possible), and each image must be credited properly if reused.

Which genres are included in My Storytelling Mind?

I tend toward Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Historical Fiction. However, Nonfiction, Mystery, and Romance pop up often as well. The Daily Writing Blurbs and Friday Writing Exercises are intended to inspire within any possible genre. If you would like to see more angled toward a certain genre or style, Talk to a Writer.

What are your favorite books or authors?

You want me to choose? Check out my Goodreads!

What is your writing routine?

Sit down. Breathe. Clear my mind and focus on the blank page. Force myself to write, even if I think I can’t yet.

Do you have advice for other writers?

Read. Read anything and everything you want to read.
Write. Write anything and everything you want to write.
And when you get stuck in the middle, write crappy filler to get through the block. A first draft isn’t meant to be pretty – it’s meant to get the story out of you and into words.

Why does any of this matter?

When a writer writes, it is an ingrained act of creation, like when a painter paints or a sculptor sculpts. Creation of any kind should be inspired, encouraged, and supported. This is how we communicate and relate to the rest of the human race.

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