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The Thing About ‘Futuristic’ Names

We’re not psychic, or very few of us are, and, if we were, we wouldn’t be focusing on that random woman’s baby name list while the world is ending in several natural disasters…

Prompt Updates – March 5

Prompt updates! Here are the latest bauble word prompts, added to baubles posted over the last few years. Have a Bits & Baubles suggestion? Contact us with the bauble number and your suggested bit! Bauble #933: "The James, at Lake & Honor, welcomes our luxury...

Prompt Updates – March 15

Newest updated prompts - new bits for each bauble! Bauble #850: Talons scraped the rock, snow breaking away as the hands sought the long engraved sigils. Whisperings and hissings poured over the stones and soaked the air around this quiet place. Bauble #712: He...

Prompt Updates – February 18

NEW updated prompts this week! New bits for each bauble means new word prompts! Check the new ideas out below: Bauble #29: "You think you should be heading this mission?" "Goddamn right I do. Do you have any idea..." "I do, actually. Just in case you're having a...

Indie-Mation Club Week 1: ‘Triplets of Belleville’ Review

Older women are a rare protagonist, and not just in animation; strong and capable grandmothers even more so. But ‘Triplets of Belleville’ is its own kind of rare film…

Rotoscopers: Introducing the Indie Film Series!

With this series, we aim to introduce dozens of wonderful films that easily deserve a place next to classics like ‘The Lion King’ or ‘Toy Story’…

Prompt Updates – January 28th

Longtime MSM Pinterest followers will know that not all the prompts on Bits & Baubles or Bits and Baubles, Part 2, have a written blurb with them - not yet, anyway. I'm working through every one of the over 800 blurbs and regularly updating some with their own...

Plotless Blurbs – December 2017

“Through my kaleidoscope I can see next-door neighbors in next-door worlds and pretend they can see me, too…”

Excerpt: ‘The Lessons We Should Learn From Dead Men’

When the fog rolls in across the bay, and you can hardly see your hand in front of your face, the saddened and desperate multiply in the darkness…

DreamWorks Animation Countdown 6: ‘Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron’

The tale of a mustang in the days of the Old West, when great herds of buffalo still roamed the plains and the railroad was growing…

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